What is the best way to respond to a complaint?

customer satisfaction survey template

If a customer complains to you, tact and diplomacy are required. Your customer is dissatisfied with your performance. Under these circumstances, he would not hire you again. Moreover, he will vent his anger and talk badly about your company. However, you can appease the customer with a skillful letter. Here you can find a sample text.

When responding to a complaint, however, things are different here it makes sense to write from the first-person perspective. “We obviously didn’t make that clear,” for example, doesn’t sound as accusatory as “You misunderstood.”

Sentences with “I” or “we” soften unpleasant statements because you signal that you share some of the blame.

Regardless of whether you think the complaint is justified or not: the customer is king! Ultimately, it is only to your advantage to be accommodating and generous when it comes to complaints. If the customer is in the right, an apology is appropriate in any case.

Sample text: Customer is wrong

We cannot accept your complaint

Dear Mrs. Susan,

I am sorry that you were unable to enjoy your camping vacation because it was too cold for you at night in your new sleeping bag.

Unfortunately, the summer has not shown its best side so far, the temperatures are significantly below 10 degrees at night. This is also where the problem lies. Maybe I was unclear, but your purchased sleeping bag only offers sleeping comfort from 10 degrees upwards.

So it is quite normal that you feel a bit cold at 5 degrees. The responsibility does not lie with us, we cannot accept the demanded price reduction.

Hopefully, the temperatures will climb up so that you can spend pleasantly warm nights in your sleeping bag next time.

As a small consolation, we will give you a shopping voucher in the number of x euros. We will be pleased if you remain loyal to our company.

With kind regards,
Dave John

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#Tech #Technologynews #Techtrends #Techblog #Technews #Newtrends #Techsavvy #Latesttrends

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