Top 7 Questions to Include In Your Next Market Research Survey

3 min readOct 11, 2022

Here are the top questions to consider in your market research survey. Feel free to use our survey form builder to create one in no time.

According to the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals in Business, the single most crucial action an entrepreneur can take is to conduct market research. One of the essential parts of remodeling your own business is doing market research to learn more about your target market and what they want.

Such market research surveys are the best way to get in-depth information about your target market. And you’ll probably have to run them with your audience at some point, whether you’re trying to find out who they are, what they like, or how they feel about your product or service.

Here are the top questions to consider in your market research survey. Feel free to use our survey form builder to create one in no time.

What’s your age, gender, job status

This question sets the essential ground rule for the rest of the follow-up queries. Knowing age, gender, and job status determine the ideal customer persona. However, the gender field should be optional with the choices of Male, Female, and Other.

Do you like our product?

Sometimes, you will have to ask potential customers what they think to get feedback on your products. One way you can do this is by putting up a survey and asking the following:

  • Did you enjoy using our product?
  • What could we do better?
  • What did you like most about our product?
  • Would you repurchase this product?
  • How would you rate the quality of our product on a scale from 1–5 (with 1 being inferior quality and five being excellent)?

What other products do you use?

Asking what other products respondents use will tell you which products are your competitor’s and if there are any gaps in the market. Some good questions to ask people who say they use a specific product include:

  • What does that product do for you?
  • How much did you pay for it?
  • Is it working well for you?
  • What about its appearance?
  • Did it come with any special features (like compatibility with other apps)?
  • Would you rebuy this product in the future or recommend it to a friend/family member?

Which features do you love?

When rebranding a new product, having plenty of opinions is essential. If you’re going with the opinion-based market research route, here are some questions you’ll want in your survey:

  1. What do you love about your _____? For example, what do you love about your dishwasher? Do they work well, are they quiet, and conserve water or energy?
  2. Why did you purchase this product over another option available on the market?

The list goes on and on! Maybe customers enjoy their new dish server’s simplicity and ease of use when doing dishes by hand.

Do you have any suggestions for us?

This could be a long-form text-based question. It’s always good to hear honest suggestions and recommendations from your potential clients. Please ensure that you pay attention to demography while assessing these suggestions.

Is there anything else you want to say about our business, products, services, or staff?

An optional question field to accept long-form texts. This question should evoke the respondent’s opinion about your business. Based on their suggestions and comments, you can firmly take action to improve your business.

Free market research survey template

Preparing market research surveys can be tiresome. And we’re here to help you create surveys and questionnaires in no time. You can start with our free market research survey template or build one from scratch using an online form builder. It supports conditional logic as well.

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