How can your B2B business improve customer satisfaction?

Today, digital commerce is more than just a “nice to have” feature, it enables you to engage your customers, improve their satisfaction, increase sales through up-selling and cross-selling, attract new customers, and reduce your cost per transaction. A customer portal provides the flexibility to easily respond to customer needs or marketing challenges while offering a 360° view of your customers.

While B2C personalization aims to increase sales by getting the customer to add more items to the shopping cart (through impulse purchases), B2B personalization needs to be more sophisticated. A B2B customer is unlikely to engage in a procurement process on impulse. Instead, B2B personalization must create value and efficiency for the user.

It’s also important to understand that manufacturers and wholesalers as well as their customers are continually evolving through digital maturity. So don’t choose a commerce platform that will soon outgrow its capabilities. The real challenge is not to get started, but to continuously take the next step.

A company’s first step is to provide a digital information portal where customers can access digitized product information and find a salesperson near them.

This can be expanded into an information and ordering portal, with basic shopping functions to increase profit margins. However, the real customer focus is achieved through a personalized one-stop store that helps them quickly find relevant products, manage order templates, and subscribe to consumables. Of course, new self-services also find their place here to unite all aspects of a customer lifecycle.

So ask yourself: Where are I and what approach and business requirements should I consider to take the next step, to become more successful digitally? Am I already taking advantage of all the potential that B2B commerce offers?

I have developed a practical checklist of key potentials to help you prepare the right decision, maintain full customer focus and thus achieve a future-proof and smart digital future.

If you ask yourself:

  • Where am I in my digitization process?
  • Am I already using all the possibilities of my trading platform?
  • Does it support me in acquiring new customers?
  • Can I reduce further costs and increase customer loyalty at the same time?
  • Will I soon establish new touchpoints with my customers?
  • What business requirements should I consider to support the next step in my digitization strategy?
  • Am I taking advantage of all the opportunities that B2B commerce offers in addition to a web store?

You can improve customer satisfaction by conducting a survey of your products and services. Collect feedback from customers about your products and services. Analyze those feedbacks to get to know your customers and improve the products according to the opinions of your customers before making your product live. This way you can win the trust of your customers and get to know what your customers want. HeyForm is an ideal online form builder where you can customize surveys and feedbacks from their 100+ templates.