HeyForm: The Best Online Form Builder Plugin For WordPress

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HeyForm is an online form builder that is characterized by simplicity and ease of use. One can create the forms in a clear interface. The fields can be easily sorted and rearranged by dragging and dropping. If one clicks on the gear or a field on the right edge, more sidebar settings appear. One has the possibility to send an email with the form content to different email recipients. The respective data can be viewed in the backend.

If you want to create complex layouts and prefer drag & drop, HeyForm is a good choice. The plugin has two variants free version and the pro version which is chargeable, but the pro version is also accessible and competent support. Another argument for many users is the easy viewing of the form entries via the WordPress backend. HeyForm impresses with simple handling and great functionality. The submissions are stored in a database that can be viewed at any time.

The use of operating logics is one of the advanced features. In this context, for example, certain fields become visible depending on the entries in previous fields. Services such as PayPal are integrated with HeyForm, so users should not have any unnecessary complications. In general, HeyForm focuses on making it as easy as possible for beginners to create a form. Tooltips are always available to help.

You can choose to place field labels on the right, left, or above and specify whether only a limited number of entries are allowed to arrive in a specified time window. The content and appearance of the confirmation e-mails that are sent after submission can be determined by the user.


If you want to implement very complex forms, you might reach the limits of the other plugins and but HeyForm could be the best option with their pro version.

You can install the HeyForm WordPress plugin from here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/heyform/

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