7 tips for more efficiency at work

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Efficiency in the workplace is not witchcraft. If you follow just a few simple rules, you can reduce the time you spend on tasks by quite a bit. Ultimately, this means for you: Earlier closing time.

1. Telephone instead of e-mails: e-mails may have their advantages, but in fact, you often write back and forth several times until a process is clarified. If you simply call your business partner, colleague, or customer, questions can be clarified more quickly and the whole thing can be done in one go.

2) Keep things tidy: To be able to work efficiently, you should only have what you actually need on your desk. Otherwise, you will waste a lot of time looking for things. The time that you can use more wisely. Efficiency at work only comes with tidiness on your desk.

3. Ask for help: involve your colleagues in your work and don’t be afraid to ask for help or delegate tasks. Even if someone else can do a subtask quickly and easily, that already helps a lot.

4. Set priorities: Write to-do lists for specific time periods (days, weeks) and work through them consistently. Decide: what is important, what can wait until tomorrow? You will see that stress will be reduced.

5. Demand action agendas: Efficient meetings are in short supply in most businesses. To change that, you should demand clear agendas and agendas from your colleagues before the meeting starts. Otherwise, don’t participate.

6. Don’t use the latest technology: Shortly after their introduction, most technological innovations still suffer from what is known as “teething problems.” It is better to wait before you switch also because they are already better incorporated into the older versions.

7. Use existing: Often, a developed template can be used for several processes therefore, for more efficiency at work, use already existing patterns. This will save you time and stress, it doesn’t always have to be the latest!

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