5 success factors: What separates good customer service from the bad?

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Good customer service is more important than ever! Products and services are becoming increasingly interchangeable and the customer has full transparency through the Internet. If the customer is interested in an offer, it is often the support that ultimately determines success or failure. How do you stand out positively with your customer service and turn prospects into enthusiastic customers? Read our tips here!

From successful entrepreneurs to neuroscientists, everyone agrees: people don’t just act on the basis of arguments, benefits, and advantages. On the contrary, our purchase decision depends significantly on emotions, stories, and the opinion of others. Present your company in a tangible, trustworthy, and lively way. Turn customers into loyal fans!

Simple and personal contact with (potential) customers is crucial. It is a reason before and confirmation after the purchase and brings you many more advantages.

But how do good and bad customer service differ?

In this blog article, we have summarized the 11 worst no-gos in customer service for you. Here we would like to present five simple success factors for good customer service and show you how to make contact the best for both customers and your company.

5 simple success factors for good customer service

1. Be reachable!

Have you ever had to search far too long or even in vain for the contact details of a company? How did it make you feel and did you become a loyal customer of that company? Surely not. Therefore, do it differently and better show all communication possibilities simply and directly.

Even this small fact makes it clear that you are open and helpful and would like to get in touch with prospects and customers.

2. Choose the right channels!

There are a variety of classic and modern options for customer service, for example, telephone, e-mail, social media, chat, instant messenger, or even personal contact on site or at the customer’s location. When choosing communication channels, you should pay particular attention to two factors: What does your target audience use? What do they feel most comfortable with?

Put on your customer glasses and give your customers multiple options to reach you, so they can decide freely and at their own convenience.

3. Deal with each customer individually!

Every customer is different. Take your time and address the problems, needs and wishes individually. Do not provide standard answers and solutions.

Instead, give your customer the feeling that he is not one of many or “just anyone”. Convey to him that he is an individual and that you are giving him special attention. Of course, you can use pre-formulated texts and documents. However, adapt these to the respective request.

4. Be human!

As mentioned at the beginning, our decisions depend heavily on emotions. People inspire and influence other people! Take advantage of this knowledge by giving your company a face and focusing on a sympathetic, personal manner.

From photos and individual solutions to small gestures and gifts: You have numerous options for creativity. Even words like “please,” “thank you,” and “excuse me” as well as small talk can make a big difference here. Build a relationship with your customers and thus bind them to your company!

5. Don’t see customer service as a chore!

Let’s face it: the goal of any business is to make money and secure the livelihoods of those involved. There’s a lot more to your vision, though, right? Surely you want to help people and improve their lives with your products and services.

Don’t think of customer service as a chore, but rather as a great way to connect with your target audience.

Conclusion: See your customer service as a competitive factor!

“The customer is king.” A well-known saying that still holds true. Especially in times when consumers can quickly share their opinions via social networks, forums, rating platforms and blogs, good customer service is very important.

Give your company appeal and uniqueness with a personal style and individual solutions. And: Don’t overextend yourself always focus on quality instead of quantity when choosing your service channels. Your customers will thank you for it!



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