5 key facts why an app is important for your SMB

If you think that app development is only for big brands, you are completely wrong. The use of mobile apps is on the rise especially among SMBs and brings a rosy future for all those startups that focus on mobile app development. More and more small and medium-sized businesses are now following the mobile trend and understand that having their own app brings benefits. Because an effective mobile strategy involves more than just a mobile website. To help you drive this digital transformation and take advantage of these app benefits, we give you 5 key arguments why your startup should be able to answer “yes” to the frequently asked question “Is there an app for this?

1. Your business in your pocket

Statistics show that on average, people stare at their mobile devices for two and a half hours a day. So, it’s clear that customers spend much more time in front of their mobile devices than in front of their desktops. If your startup doesn’t engage with mobile app development, it risks losing important customer touchpoints.

As you already know, with mobile apps, customers have access to all information. Regardless of your business model, you can attract and retain customers with the help of a mobile app. This way, you can reach your potential customers anytime and anywhere.

2. Promotion of new products and services

With the help of mobile app development, you can easily provide users with useful information about new products or services, discount offers, or other updates to entice them and increase your sales. Alternatively, the app can also serve as an online store to conveniently and easily buy products on the go.
Whatever your reason for an app, elementary in app development is a simple UI to present everything to the customer as clearly as possible. For example, push notifications can be used to achieve more direct interactions with customers, allowing reminders about products and services at any time.

3. Amplification of brand perception

Brand awareness is essential to the success of your startup. By leveraging app benefits and thus offering customers a mobile app, the user experience increases. This in turn gives your audience a great experience and thus generates an overall better brand image.
People are constantly on their mobile devices and see a wide variety of brand logos on their screens. When you use your logo for the app, the customer sees the logo all the time, which increases recognition.

4. Generate new revenue streams

As mentioned before, people spend many hours a day on their cell phones streaming music, scrolling through the newsfeed, or playing virtual games. While it may seem time-consuming at first glance, a mobile app offers benefits for your SME. Think of your mobile app as another marketing channel for your brand. After app development and a successful launch, you can expect it to be a solid source of revenue.

Although the majority of revenue is generated from downloading the app and from customer engagement with your business, which can happen anytime, anywhere, it’s also important to note the increasing relevance of in-app purchases and advertising within the app. For example, geo-targeting in digital form enables more sophisticated measurement and personalization than is possible with traditional media.

5. Prepare for the future now!

In addition to smartphones and mobile app development, the mobile era has also brought innovations like Google Glass and smartwatches. A mobile app would better prepare you for the future developments that will appear on these new devices. This has the further benefit of putting you in a stronger position to take advantage of future technologies.

There are a number of other good reasons why you should take advantage of app benefits on the spot, and therefore start app development to bring your mobile solution to the market. Investing in a mobile app can be the best decision for the further development of your SME.

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