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Employees are the heart of every company, and they keep the wheels turning. Without committed and motivated employees, no company can successfully manage this crisis. But how can companies sustainably motivate and value their employees during the crisis? And what do employees really need during this pandemic?

Why is the COVID crisis a major challenge for employees?

The COVID crisis is unpredictable new regulations, new challenges, new fears. The situation changes daily. This does not leave a company’s employees unscathed: employees have to introduce and observe additional hygiene regulations in their own company. They have to cope with the uncertainty of customers who keep asking new and numerous questions. Financial…

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For companies still struggling with the transition to home offices, “remote onboarding” raises many questions. Unfortunately, there is often little time to answer them.

Onboarding is different in COVID times

The first day on the new job: which used to involve filling out HR forms, orientation meetings, handshakes, and lunch with the supervisor and team, now happens differently. Many new hires start their jobs without meeting their colleagues in person or even setting foot in their offices. The home office has become permanent and may remain so in parts.

Even though there has been a trend towards the virtual in HR processes in recent years, a…

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Conversations that don’t go as you planned, an overflowing email inbox, and the feeling of being constantly responsible for everything. And there’s always time missing. Leaders know the dilemma.

I asked the top leadership experts in my network what they recommend to executives. For example, how to have good conversations, lead teams in an agile way, or even how to organize yourself as a leader. Here come 5 smart leadership strategies to make your leadership work easier.

1. He who feels — leads!

I beg your pardon? Shouldn’t it be: He who asks, leads? It’s true: If you formulate a (good) question as a manager, you…

Whether an online presence is successful or not is not just a question of design and taste. Rather, numerous tangible reasons are responsible for the success of a website or even for its failure.

One of the decisive factors is the structure of the website. Tips on how to optimize the structure of a new or existing website are revealed in this article.

Important for you: Read on even if you already have a website, because: The next relaunch is bound to come. Even though every website can be designed individually and a very specific solution can be found for…

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Good customer service is more important than ever! Products and services are becoming increasingly interchangeable and the customer has full transparency through the Internet. If the customer is interested in an offer, it is often the support that ultimately determines success or failure. How do you stand out positively with your customer service and turn prospects into enthusiastic customers? Read our tips here!

From successful entrepreneurs to neuroscientists, everyone agrees: people don’t just act on the basis of arguments, benefits, and advantages. On the contrary, our purchase decision depends significantly on emotions, stories, and the opinion of others. Present your…

Today, digital commerce is more than just a “nice to have” feature, it enables you to engage your customers, improve their satisfaction, increase sales through up-selling and cross-selling, attract new customers, and reduce your cost per transaction. A customer portal provides the flexibility to easily respond to customer needs or marketing challenges while offering a 360° view of your customers.

While B2C personalization aims to increase sales by getting the customer to add more items to the shopping cart (through impulse purchases), B2B personalization needs to be more sophisticated. A B2B customer is unlikely to engage in a procurement process…

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While a marketing strategy is more of theoretical analysis, a marketing plan is much more about implementing concrete measures. But how do you get from strategy to implementation? From theoretical target group definition to practical ROI optimization? Here is a complete guide.

After a series of helpful definitions, this guide will walk you through creating and implementing your own marketing plan. You’ll also find practical working templates, trackers, and templates, as well as numerous real-world marketing examples.

Why do you need a marketing strategy?

Once a marketing strategy is established with a communication goal, brand message, clear design guidelines, etc. it makes life much easier for all…

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Does your company have a solid HR strategy? In many large companies, strategic work in the HR area is already common practice, but small and medium-sized companies, in particular, are still lagging.

The role of the HR department has not yet changed everywhere from that of an administrative personnel manager to that of a strategic business partner. In addition, there is often not enough time to create an HR strategy, because the operational business with its daily urgencies is naturally prioritized. There can also be a lack of the right approach and knowledge.

And we want to change that. That’s…

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The company’s success is made up of various building blocks. Employees make a significant contribution. However, various studies show that appropriate recognition often comes up short. And in doing so, entrepreneurs are cutting their own throats.

A lack of recognition usually leads to demotivation and thus to a reduction in employees’ willingness to perform. As an entrepreneur, loyalty can hardly be expected.

Now there are several ways to show appreciation to your employees. In the following, I will present six possibilities:

1. The simplest form of recognition: words of praise.

Praise is a positive experience that motivates further performance. Some people value communicated recognition of their work even more…

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In any successful course for entrepreneurs, building a mailing list is one of the most important contents. Why? Because contact via email is the perfect way to build a relationship with potential customers and solicit products in the digital world. Technewtrends shows you how to build and grow your email list with simple steps.

Why should any entrepreneur invest time in building their mailing list?

Building a mailing list is time-intensive and quite often involves expenses. So why should you bother with it?

  • It is very difficult to sell products specifically on the Internet. Competition is fierce and supply outweighs demand.
  • On the net, customers, as well as entrepreneurs, are anonymous…


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